Find out how many credit cards you should have!

We are going to get away from the myth in this publication and I will start by saying that having many credit cards is not something that can necessarily affect your finances.

But, you may wonder, how is this possible? Easy! It all depends on how you handle the available credits. The key is to use smart, compare well and know the fine print of the credit cards we buy. Here I tell you more.

The benefits

First I want to talk to you about the benefits that it can bring you to have more than one credit card. First of all it will improve your credit history , as long as you are a punctual customer with your payments; and is that banks can give you more loans to more credit experience you have.

Second, you can have credit cards with greater credit capacity. This is simple and is that when you already have a credit card, competitive banks will call you to offer you cards with them and for you to choose the credit amounts are usually higher. In addition, once you obtain major credits you can discard your first credit cards.

Some tips to avoid temptation

Some tips to avoid temptation

Sounds like a religious norm, but it will help you: never carry more than one card with you. The idea of ​​having more than one credit card in your name is to take advantage of them not to play against you.

If you carry all your cards you will tend to make compulsive purchases and therefore not planned within your monthly expenses which can lead you to have unpayable debts .

Don’t forget: more credit power more responsibilities


When you have more than one credit card you must assume more responsibilities, so it is good to organize; that way you won’t miss the payment dates that generate unnecessary interest; In addition, you should not take out cards without previously evaluating their benefits or they will represent an unnecessary additional expense.