Bad habits that take a lot of money out of your wallet

Are you running out of money every month? Get rid of these bad habits and we guarantee you will have more money at the end of the month!

We all know the feeling when we see something in the shop window, we like it, we buy it without thinking, and we later regret our decision. At this point, we expect someone to reassure us that this was not such a bad decision.

Usually we get this feedback from family members, friends or colleagues, so it is very likely that they will reassure us that we have made a good guess. But there are habits that can have a bad effect on your finances, and we will introduce them to you.

The article is not designed to make you feel bad, but to help and shed light on habits that will leave you with far less money at the end of each month.

These habits should not be strengthened.

Alcohol, parties and nightlife

Alcohol, parties and nightlife

It’s easy to make excuses to go to town, meet friends, talk about a day or two with a glass of drink.

Even if we don’t like going to bars so much, our friends may have made it a habit.

Partying and drinking is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for people. However, it is also true that drinking and drinking in the short run will cause us to lose a lot of money in our wallets and damage our health in the long run.

We don’t even think we will have to buy medicine over time.

If you need more money, try to participate in these activities as little as possible and do not decide under pressure . This way, you can easily improve your financial situation.

Coffee and cigarettes

Coffee and cigarettes

Addictive products like coffee and cigarettes are something that many people struggle with. We feel that coffee and cigarettes will help us concentrate or be calmer.

It’s okay if you want to drink coffee every day, but if you always buy it from a coffee shop, you’ll pay a lot more than making your own coffee at home . This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Large quantities of coffee and cigarettes also damage your health, increase your chances of getting sick and you will have to spend more on medicines. Get rid of these addictions and boost your finances!

We spend all the money every month

We spend all the money every month

It’s a very bad habit to spend all your money every month. If you need money for an unexpected accident, you will notice that the bag is empty.

Therefore, it is always a great help to have a savings account that we collect every month for difficult times. This money should only be touched when we need it due to an unexpected situation.

We keep our money in the payroll account

We keep our money in the payroll account

Many people don’t think about it, but we can lose 1-2% a year if we leave our money in the payroll. The reason for the loss is inflation. This means that our money is losing value every year.

Most investors recommend that you only hold a certain amount in your payroll account and invest the rest. The type of investment is up to you. This could be bank deposits, stocks, government securities or mutual funds.

Find out how many credit cards you should have!

We are going to get away from the myth in this publication and I will start by saying that having many credit cards is not something that can necessarily affect your finances.

But, you may wonder, how is this possible? Easy! It all depends on how you handle the available credits. The key is to use smart, compare well and know the fine print of the credit cards we buy. Here I tell you more.

The benefits


First I want to talk to you about the benefits that it can bring you to have more than one credit card. First of all it will improve your credit history , as long as you are a punctual customer with your payments; and is that banks can give you more loans to more credit experience you have.

Second, you can have credit cards with greater credit capacity. This is simple and is that when you already have a credit card, competitive banks will call you to offer you cards with them and for you to choose the credit amounts are usually higher. In addition, once you obtain major credits you can discard your first credit cards.

Some tips to avoid temptation

Some tips to avoid temptation

Sounds like a religious norm, but it will help you: never carry more than one card with you. The idea of ​​having more than one credit card in your name is to take advantage of them not to play against you.

If you carry all your cards you will tend to make compulsive purchases and therefore not planned within your monthly expenses which can lead you to have unpayable debts .

Don’t forget: more credit power more responsibilities


When you have more than one credit card you must assume more responsibilities, so it is good to organize; that way you won’t miss the payment dates that generate unnecessary interest; In addition, you should not take out cards without previously evaluating their benefits or they will represent an unnecessary additional expense.

Borrowing money without uc new loans | Compare loans online and borrow money quickly | Payday Loans

Borrowing money without uc control during the summer of 2015. Now we have updated with the latest and several new loans without uc control. More loans without UC will come but so far you can apply for over 20 different loans without UC control.

The goal of providing comparative information on loans without UC control will be reached during the summer as we constantly update with loans without UC control and with payment note.

Borrowing money without uc control


Is good if you want to avoid bad credit due to many inquiries with uc or if you already have low credit or many inquiries with uc.

Some of the loans without uc control also allow you to have one or even several payment notes. However, you may not have a current debt balance with the Crown Prosecution Authority when you are going to borrow money without uc control. If you have a debt balance with Kronofogden, the only way out is to apply for a restructuring loan from a lender that admits debts with Kronofogden.

If you need to borrow money with a note of payment, there are also a number of loans for you with. You just need to compare the different terms for loans and loans with payment note both with and without uc control.

In June, even more loans without UC control will be launched for comparison, which makes it even better and safer when choosing the loan without UC that suits you and your individual loan needs best in terms of loan amount, installment period, age requirements, income requirements, payments. mm

Why is a loan without UC so popular


Because many people realize to a greater extent what the consequences of a UC check on their personal credit score are, many people choose to be careful about drawing on unnecessary inquiries.
“Unnecessary” inquiries definitely include applications for small loans and microcredit that are not at all worth the strain that many inquiries can result.

Of course, if you have a small number of inquiries

Of course, if you have a small number of inquiries

This will play a less important role in the context, but if you want to be careful you should definitely avoid getting too much information at UC within 12 months.
The consequence with too many of these is that it will in principle be impossible if you want to apply for a larger loan without collateral.

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Loans for holidays – when holiday money does not extend – Payday Loans

Borrowing money for vacation today is becoming more and more popular. Norwegians like to travel, and perhaps especially to warmer countries such as the South and Spain. As a result, there is usually a problem when the money is not enough and the holiday allowance becomes too scarce. Then it is convenient to be able to take out a quick loan for a holiday that arranges this in no time. See for a summary

Here on the internet you just fill out a simple application and you will get a quick answer.

Will the family go on vacation soon, but not agree on where the trip is going? Nevertheless, it is advisable to be early in the process of raising money, so you can find out where to travel while the application is being processed.

So you can quickly start planning your trip and all the activities you want to experience either alone or with your family.

The entire loan procedure is done online from start to finish, making it very easy and flexible for you. You simply fill out your application here, and then you could start dreaming away on vacation – or backyard, if that’s where you want to spend a vacation with some extra good company.

It is not only the holiday itself that costs a lot of money, but it is also all you need to buy while on vacation , which is important to have enough money for.

In summer, boat loans are also particularly common to take up.


Loan money for a new boat today and you will get answers quickly. Then you can look forward to the fresh sea air and the interaction with nature, as for many what makes life on a boat something very special and unique.

A boat trip can in many ways be experienced as the ultimate freedom because you can always move on if you do not want to be stuck in one place.

Everyone has a dream holiday with a boat as a central part?

But a boat is unfortunately not free – both the smallest dinghy and the big boats cost a lot of money ..

So if your dream is a vacation or perhaps a multi-month leave in a boat, it may be an option today to file a boat loan application.

Whatever you choose to do, we wish you a great holiday!

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Insurance – How to Save on Insurance

Insurance – How to save on insurance. One of the fields where there is more waste, due to lack of knowledge and lack of time, is the insurance field.

We have many insurances, with different coverages and prices completely out of alignment with reality. In this article we will show you how we can help save money on insurance, quickly and at no cost to you.

We’re all sick of it, right?


It is true. The language of insurance is complex and with complexity comes confusion. It is not by accident. We talk about a theme that despite influencing us in everyday life is a topic with which we are not very familiar. It is normal to have some notions about car insurance, or about health insurance.

However, we have several insurance, coverages and exclusions that are very likely to be out of line with our needs. Securities play in favor of insurance companies and that is why it may make sense to have support from someone who is on your side.

Insurance and insurance companies are not all the same

Insurance and insurance companies are not all the same

This is another point that we have to keep in mind. Insurance is not all the same. In fact, although they may have the same name they have very different coverages, exclusions and prices. Insurance companies are not all the same either. Some specialize in life insurance.

Other in property insurance. Still others focus their attention on health insurance. And with different levels and specialization we have different toppings, price and service levels.

How to choose the best insurance for your specific case?

How to choose the best insurance for your specific case?

They tell us the rules of prudence that we should look for different alternatives and negotiate prices to have the best product at the best price. But to analyze something so complex and to compare different alternatives, we have to consult the market, make several simulations and choose the coverages.

To help you, Nick Adams has an insurance agent who does all the work for you, gives you all the follow up you need and helps you through the process. We save you time and money.


Get Started Today to Save on Your Insurance

Get Started Today to Save on Your Insurance

If you want to start saving money with your insurance just fill out the form below. Then a mediator will contact you to start the whole process. The savings will come next without great effort and with accompaniment throughout the process. And right now … this service is free of cost!

The mortgage opening commission is extinguished: 70% of banks no longer charge it

Just a few months ago, the feared opening commission was hidden in the fine print of most mortgage offers, a charge that significantly increased the initial costs of the operation.

Lately, however, it seems that banks have decided to rethink this policy. And, according to analysts at the bank comparator , just over 70% of the entities that sell mortgages no longer charge this commission , which means saving hundreds (or even thousands) of euros for future owners household.

The big bank changes policy


Curious as it may seem, the Spanish entities with the most clients are the ones that captain this new commission elimination policy. From they assure that the mortgages of Banco Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Banco Sabadell and Bankia no longer charge that opening charge , although they clarify that the latter bank already abolished it at the beginning of 2017.

Between medium and small banks, on the other hand, there is more division. Thus, while entities such as Kutxabank, Ibercaja or Triodos Bank choose not to apply the opening commission, others such as Bankinter or Liberbank do include it among the expenses of their mortgages. The cost of the charge may be different depending on the bank, but usually ranges from a minimum of 0.5% to a maximum of 1.25% ; Sometimes with a minimum amount.

That less than 30% of banks now charge this commission is good news for mortgaged futures, which can save good money in opening your credit. For example, for a mortgage loan of about 150,000 euros, the savings for the client would be between 750 and 1,875 euros.

Virtual banks, the ones that charge less commissions

Virtual banks, the ones that charge less commissions analysts, however, warn that many of these entities do charge other fees: early repayment if capital is advanced, subrogation if bank changes or novation if conditions of the bank change mortgage. They clarify, of course, that most of the online banking does not apply these charges , which constitutes a sign of identity of these financiers.

Specifically, six of the eight virtual banks that sell mortgages do not charge any commission : Openbank,, MyInvestor, Pibank, EVO Bank and ING. Of the remaining two, ActivoBank does apply the early repayment commission, while Coinc includes that charge plus subrogation compensation only on its fixed mortgage.

Commissions for early amortization and subrogation are limited by law. In variable mortgages, they can be 0.25% applicable in the first three years of the life of the loan or 0.15% in the first five (and 0% later). In the fixed ones, they can be 2% during the first 10 years and 1.5% later. In both cases, they cannot overcome the financial loss that is generated to the entity. Regarding the commission for novation, its cost may be that agreed between the parties, although if only the credit term is modified, it cannot exceed 0.1%.

Watch out for the rest of the expenses

Watch out for the rest of the expenses

But this absence of commissions is of little use if it is not accompanied by an attractive interest. According to analysts, it is important to compare several mortgages to find the one with the lowest rate . They also advise to look at the combined products that must be contracted to access that interest, because if they cost money (insurance, for example), it may be more useful to sign a loan with a higher rate without that associated service.

Also, from the comparator remember that, when signing a mortgage, the future owner must also pay the expenses associated with the sale of the house , whose cost is usually equivalent to 10-12% of the price of the property. Previously, you also have to pay the appraisal , which costs an average of about 300 euros. Certain banks offer to return the appraiser’s fees to their clients after hiring, but they only do so if the loan is formalized.

How to Choose the Right Property For Your Loan?

Creating a loan is not always simple as a task as one may think: you have to learn how to assess the best options and select the loan agency that suits you greatest.

If you are refused a loan by your bank, there is certainly still an ideal solution for a lot of borrowers: a private lender. Yet how to choose a private institution in order to trust?


Personal lenders: beware of scams!

Private lenders: beware of scams!

As in all commercial places, unfortunately, scams are present amongst lending institutions. The consequences can be extremely important, which is why it is important to select the private lender to who you trust and a section of your financial future!

Some of these institutions, for instance, ask for cash advances to establish your own borrower profile and later on define your loan. Nevertheless, the sums of money in many cases are asked for many customers that are never given their mortgage: do not be fooled! Trust personal lenders whose sole objective is to get you out of a negative economic situation.

In case, however, you have been dealing with a personal lender who has deceived a person, do not hesitate to survey it: first to the Monetary Markets Authority, as well as to customer associations. Then, to prevent additional borrowers from finding by themselves in the same situation while you, report any fraudulent activity on the websites of these businesses.


Searching for reliable private institutions

Searching for trusted private institutions

While searching for a private lender, there are various possibilities that allow you to have a much better view of how much belief in you can give them. For example, learn more about the Internet by checking the various customer reviews available. Inquire your entourage or establishments such as the land register associated with Quebec, they can provide you with more info or references.


Choose the private lender that best suits you

Once you have discovered establishments that could fit your needs, you simply have to choose the right one. Just like all service providers, you are eligible for comparing private lenders with one another to find the one with who you will have the best service.

Contact them plus discuss your needs: you will have more info on how the financial institution could react favorably. These companies are used to ending up in their future customers and also their different needs. They will consequently perfectly advise you on your financial situation.

The wide selection of clients we have met for several years has contributed to the high quality of CFR Loan solutions: we try to improve daily to meet the needs of all.


To choose a private loan provider to whom you can completely trust

To choose a private lender to whom you can fully trust

With substantial discussions with the private loan companies that interest you, you may have more elements to choose from a reliable institution, which can provide you with a high-quality private loan. This is not a choice to take lightly, take the time to find out and choose well!

To choose a private loan provider to whom you can completely trust, follow the advice associated with other borrowers and evaluate the different institutions to find the monetary solution that best fits your needs. The important thing is to be capable to trust his private loan provider, he holds in his fingers a part of your financial long term after all!